Agriculture and Energy Future for NZ

Came across some really interesting links yesterday that are quite startling.
I started with this link:  NewsRoom Article   Warning, it’s very climate-changey.  But regardless of that, the links in the first announcement paragraph are basically shocking – because of their scale, and to me, unheard of until now:

– The primary sector won the backing of the government for its sustainable farming roadmap, Fit for a Better Future. This has strong buy in from many in the sector and government for the transition to farming practices that help restore ecosystems, which in turn will earn higher premiums from customers.   This Newsroom report describes the announcement; this report from the Primary Sector Council describes the ecological and cultural framework for the strategy; this is the Council’s overall report and the government’s strategy in response; and this recent Newsroom column describes New Zealand’s role in this global revolution to regenerative farming. 

There’s heaps of links there, so to summarise:

  • In 2018 the government created a think-tank called the Primary Sector Council to come up with a vision for the future of agriculture in NZ.  They came up with a large plan that would completely change NZ agriculture.  And the government has announced that it is going to do it.
  • It’s about increasing exports, employing more people, and perhaps most strikingly, moving to regenerative agriculture.
  • It seems to have buy-in from all the main players – Federated Farmer is the exception.
  • It’s very Maori and ecologically focused.
  • It seems to be hugely ambitious and frankly a bit fantastical.  There are good things about it, but it all sounds pretty far fetched. BUT they are doing it…

Also, just as bold is this:

– The closure of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter opens up a pathway to 100 percent renewable electricity and zero-carbon industry and transport. They will be far more valuable, and less polluting, than the smelter’s production of aluminium.  
NZ is apparently in the process of converting from fossil fuels to hydrogen production.  Mainly led by the Taranaki region.  It’s all about decarbonising energy production in NZ and making NZ energy production 100% renewable.  

As part of this, a huge new centre will be developed: .  This is how they are going to convert to hydrogen:  And here’s a Taranaki roadmap thing: about all the changes.

So there’s a shit ton of stuff going on – and I had no idea about it!


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