Sound Tech, Avondale, Auckland

Just be careful with this car stereo place in Avondale. They are at 104b Landsford Crescent, Avondale. Here is their website: Link

I paid just under $1k for a new stereo which was supposed to hook into the car’s steering wheel controls. I specifically asked about this prior to the installation and was told it would work. We had a small conversation about it. But they installed it and the steering wheel controls only partially work. So can’t pick up phone calls.

And they can’t / won’t fix it. I discussed it with the boss who you know, said things like “Oh we can’t know until we install it…” and “Yes we said it would work and some of it does, but not he call pickup… blah blah blah”.

First world problems I know. Just annoying when people over promise and under deliver.


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