Getting rid of old agrichemicals in Auckland

Soooooo, I thought I’d post an update here for anyone curious:

The TL;DR version:

1) Auckland Council are useless.

2) There is nowhere that takes old agri chemicals in Auckland that I know of.

3) I was lucky 🙂

And here’s the full story:

So I rang the council 3 times, prior to going to the tip at The Concourse in Henderson. I was told 3 times that they definitely took agri-chemicals. I rand the first time to check if they definitely took agri chemicals. Yep.

I rang a second time to find out how much it would cost. Their website says “See gate fees for costs” and of course agri chemicals are not listed in the gate fees. So they tried to ring through to the tip and ask, and cut me off. So I rang a third time, they tried to ring through to the tip again, no one was answering, so they said someone would call me back. They didn’t. You can’t ring the tip directly.

So today I just put as many chemicals on my trailer as I could fit (bigger, more modern trailer than the one pictured). And drove 1:45mins to the tip. Going in the sign says they take them. Get on the weighbridge and guess what the lady says: Oh no we don’t take chemicals any more! Which is totally what I expected, so I kind of started to raise my voice about the sign 3m away, the website and the phone call confirmations when she said they stopped taking them on July 1st. She then said I could ask at Gate 8.

So I drove around to there. It looked like just a normal everyday place to unload rubbish. So bugger it, I just started chucking out as many of the containers as I could. Until a staff member came over. I kept going – I had quite a few 5l, 10l and 20l containers, mostly empty or completely empty. In addition to the big barrel above, and another 100l barrel.

He asked me if the containers were empty, I said they mostly were. At no time did I say they were agri-chemicals. He told me to put the big rusty steel barrel in the steel skip. I said “But it’s got sludge in the bottom” and he said it still had to go in the steel skip only about 10m away, so I chucked it in there.

And then he started to get more concerned/interested in what I was dumping. And again said they don’t take chemicals anymore. And then that they only take 20L containers. He saw one contained engine oil, and told me to take that to Repco – which I did on the way home.

So then I was only left with one big barrel (100l) of acid. For washing down yards I think. I left with that still on the trailer. Was feeling somewhat lucky to have gotten rid of so much when they say they no longer take it.

On the way out, the council were fantastically organised again. They said “Oh no charge”, to which I was a bit taken a back. The lady then said “Oh you just had orange plastic bags aye?” to which I nearly said yes, but decided they’d have my number plate and I’d hear from them later. So I said I had “Plastic containers”. The lady said their system wasn’t working and cars kept “going into cyberspace”. She said how many containers, I minimised things quite a bit, and long story short, she charged me $9, being the cheapest charge for a single bag of rubbish! So I paid my $9 and got the feck out of there before they changed their minds.

So I have no idea what anyone would do with this sort of stuff to get rid of. I can totally see why people would dig a hole and chuck everything in.

One thing that I might have to look into for the last barrel is ChemWaste. A private company. They can’t be any worse than the council!

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